board of directors and senior management

Harry Dobson

Harry Dobson

(Non-executive Chairman)

Harry Dobson is a former investment banker and senior partner of Yorkton Securities. He currently engages in various merchant banking and venture capital activities in North America and Europe, and has acted as Chairman of a number of resource companies (including American Pacific Mining Company Inc. and Lytton Minerals Limited). He was formally the Chairman of Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. (a Toronto Stock Exchange and AIM quoted company) and Rambler Metals and Mining plc (an AIM quoted company). He is experienced in the organisation and funding of resource projects, including those located in inaccessible locations.

Harry is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and sits on the Audit Committee.

Harry Baker

Harry Baker

(Chief Executive)

Harry has nearly 24 years of capital markets experience from previous roles with Auctus Advisors, GMP First Energy, Mirabaud Securities and Canaccord Capital. Harry brings a wealth of experience in the Natural Resources sector.

Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming

(Finance Director)

Peter Fleming has over 22 years of upstream oil and gas experience, the majority of which was gained at BHP Billiton both in London and Melbourne. Whilst at BHP Billiton, Peter held senior positions in exploration and business development, investment evaluation, acquisitions and disposals and strategic planning. Prior to joining BHP Billiton, he worked for Bridge Oil and Banque Indosuez. He holds masters degrees in business administration and finance.

Nigel Hurst-Brown

William Hodson

(Non-executive Director)

William holds a degree in Financial Services and has spent the last 17 years advising clients in the natural resources sector. He was a partner of Ocean Equities, a London based brokerage firm specialising in natural resources, and later a partner in Norwegian investment bank, Pareto Securities, following its acquisition of Ocean Equities in late 2013.

William is Chairman of the Audit Committee and sits on the Remuneration Committee.

Bruce Ferrer

Bruce Farrer

(Business Development Manager)

Bruce Farrer holds a BSc degree in geology and a Master's degree in stratigraphy and basin analysis. He trained as a petroleum geologist and spent 15 years with BHP Billiton prior to joining Borders & Southern. His experience includes seismic and drilling operations, regional evaluation, prospect generation and project management. He has worked on exploration and development projects across a number of basins in Europe, north and west Africa and the Caribbean.